Deadliners Digest: 8/21/2014

Reddit’s Ferguson community is part of a massive white supremacist network
Daily Dot
Aaron Sankin

Old-school pitmasters tell us how the BBQ industry has changed
Dan Gentile

The U.S. government must leave no stone stone unturned to locate Austin Tice (missing in Syria since August 2012)
Editorial board
Houston Chronicle

Texas journalists urge national press to take Perry case more seriously
Joe Strupp
Media Matters for America

McRaven confirmed as new UT system chancellor
Paul J. Weber
Associated Press

Willie Nelson is showing off card tricks on his YouTube channel now
Dan Solomon
Texas Monthly

What the pundits don’t get about the Rick Perry indictment
Forrest Wilder
Texas Observer

Texas director scores: Thomas Carter might have his biggest success yet with “When the Game Stands Tall”
Charles Ealy
Austin American-Statesman

Glitches threaten ACA coverage for immigrants
Alexa Ura
Texas Tribune

Will Austin issue its own official ID card?
Tony Cantu
Austin Chronicle

Javi Perez started a good thread on the Facebook group about the best app for recording interviews via cell phone. Commenters answered with TapeACall.

The Texas Observer has made its vast archives searchable online going all the way back to the 1960s.

Austin Museum Day
Thursday, Sept. 21, 2014
Various locations

The How
Open locations

Morning editor
Daily Dot
Open location

Evening editor
Daily Dot
Open location

Data visualization/interactive designer
Dallas Morning News

Photo editor/videographer
Killeen Daily Herald

Deputy design editor
GateHouse Media

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