Deadliners Digest: 10/24/2014

Texas chief toxicologist says stay indoors to avoid ozone pollution
Priscila Mosqueda
Vice News

Study suggests link between air pollution exposure and autism
Jon Fortenbury
Forbes Health

BuzzFeed doesn’t need ‘trust’ to win the Internet
Aaron Sankin
Daily Dot

She tweeted against the Mexican cartels. They tweeted her murder.
Jason McGahan
Daily Beast

NFL not sharing profits with former players
Javi Perez
Playmaker Online

5 Virginia police agencies quietly stockpile private phone records
G.W. Schulz
Center for Investigative Reporting/Wired

A gay city council member in a Tea Party stronghold is building an LGBT community from the ground up
John Wright
Texas Observer

Charles Gilbert joined the Texas Border Volunteers to ‘kick some ass,’ but the group’s tactics forced him to do some soul-searching
Forrest Wilder
Texas Observer

UT’s football program is the most profitable in the country. By a lot.
Dan Solomon
Texas Monthly

What are the best Texas books ever written? Here’s my list — now let the sparks fly.
John Phillip Santos
Texas Monthly

The guilty and the innocent: The case for punishing prosecutors who abuse their power
Pamela Colloff
Texas Monthly

DPS claims success in border surge, but questions remain over numbers
Jeremy Schwartz
Austin American-Statesman

Austin Monitor radio show 21 with Michael King
Michael Kanin
Austin Monitor

Behind the music: 40 years of Austin City Limits
Erin Quinn-Kong
Austin Monthly

Ebola task force director: ‘This is the new normal’
Reeve Hamilton
Texas Tribune

Are Uber and Lyft doing enough to keep criminals from behind the wheel?
Taylor Prewitt
Vice News

Texas Book Festival
Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 25 and 26, all day
State Capitol

Tyler Florence: Inside the Test Kitchen
Sunday, Nov. 9, 4 pm

Legislative fellowships
Texas Observer

Radio producers
KUT (for their new program, Texas Standard)

Copy editor
Dallas Observer

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